Shou Sugi Ban Features at Merricks Farmhouse

Its raw, real and rustic with a distinctive charred texture that has its own artisan style. There are many reasons why Shou Sugi Ban is trending in architecture in recent years and its striking charcoal black finish has become the preferred choice for many of our builder's projects. This article takes a look around the award-winning Merrick's Farmhouse by ATMA Builders which features Shou Sugi Ban cladding sourced through Design 10.

Merricks Farmhouse Shou Sugi Ban Exterior

Merrick's Farmhouse is the stunning result of an international design collaboration between South Africa and Australia. The building was designed by Neilsen Jenkins in Brisbane, and Michael Lumby Architecture in Cape Town. The lush landscaping was designed by Franchesca Watson in Cape Town, and Landscape Architect and Horticulturalist, Robyn Barlow in Melbourne. Neilsen Jenkins stated that they were grateful to their clients "who were brave enough to think it would be a good idea to engage architects from South Africa and Brisbane to design a house on the Mornington Peninsula."

Merricks Farmhouse Shou Sugi Ban Exterior
This elevated, 50 acre property is located on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula in a picturesque setting, surrounded by wineries, rolling green hills and panoramic seaside views. The only downside with those hilltop views was exposure to strong winds and the coastal climatic conditions. Merrick's Farmhouse was designed as a thoughtful response to this special place, to capture the beauty of the surrounding landscape and to provide a peaceful retreat from the often-harsh elements experienced in a coastal environment. Overall, their aim was to create an "abstraction of a typical Australian farmhouse" and a new home that complements their client's lifestyle with architectural beauty that is connected to place.
Merricks Farmhouse Shou Sugi Ban Exterior
Merrick's Farmhouse was designed as a single-story dwelling that was centred around a large, sheltered courtyard garden. This central courtyard is the most significant part of this homes design, providing a sanctuary within the building to contrast the expansive outlook of the property and creating a focal point inside the house at night. Shou Sugi Ban architectural cladding was selected for the exterior facade of the building with the charcoal black charred timber finish contrasting beautifully against the concrete walls and luscious green foliage.  
Merricks Farmhouse Shou Sugi Ban Exterior
This burnt timber cladding was also used in the interior design of Merrick's Farmhouse to create a seamless connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces. The dark charcoal ceilings create a warm and cozy atmosphere that excudes effortless style and uncomplicated sophistication. There are even more reasons why Shou Sugi Ban is trending in architecture right now and there are so many benefits to choosing charred timber cladding for your exterior and interior projects. 
Merricks Farmhouse Shou Sugi Ban Interior
Merrick's Farmhouse has gained a lot of attention since its completion and it was featured on the front cover of 'Houses Magazine' Issue 151 in March, 2023. This magnificient home was granted an Award in the new residential category at the 2023 Victorian Architecture Awards and was voted 'Australian House of the Year' at the 2023 National Australian Architecture Institute Awards. The owners said that "the design of our Merricks Farmhouse has transformed our lives and is an absolute joy to live and work in every day. Its connection to the landscape, its simplicity and strength of design, its comfort and scale makes it a home that far exceeds our expectations for it".  
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