Grab Rails

Looking for a supportive hand in your bathroom? Browse our wide selection of grab rails for added safety and comfort. From standard grab rails to heated towel ladders and toilet rail sets, brands like Nero Tapware, Con-Serv, and Avenir have you covered. Let our grab rails help lift you to greater comfort and confidence in the bath today.

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    The benefits of installing grab rails in your bathroom 

    Grab rails are designed to help you move around your bathroom with more ease and safety. Whether placed near the shower, bathtub or toilet, grab rails should reduce the risk of falls and injury. If you have elderly or people with disabilities living in your house, grab rails are an ideal solution to create a safe and accessible space for them. 

    Shop online for quality grab rails in Australia 

    At Design 10, our grab rails are constructed from high quality materials to offer your durability. With many options to choose from, you can buy a suitable grab rail for your bathroom to help you and your loved ones stay balanced and stable. Don’t hesitate to browse our assisted living collection to discover more accessories and fixtures that provide your home with reliable care support. 


    What are the main purposes of installing grab rails in your bathroom?

    The main purpose of installing grab rails is to help you stay safe and independent while using the bathroom. Grab rails are designed to minimise any risk of fall or injury, especially in slippery areas. If you or your family member has mobility issues or difficulties with balance, installing a grab rail in your bathroom will enable you to use the shower, bathtub and toilet with peace of mind. 

    Where can you install your grab rails?

    Depending on your personal need, you may set up your grab rails nearer to a bathtub or shower or on a wall near the toilet. It’s important to consider where the rails will be most useful and convenient for your use.

    What height should the grab rails be? 

    On average, grab rails should be set at least 10 inches above the floor. But most of all, you need to make sure the grab rails sit at a comfortable and safe height (not too high or low) for use.