Inset Baths

Sink into the calming embrace of an inset bath for a spa-like soak at home. Our collection features a range of inset bath sizes and styles from top brands like Decina, Argent, and Bathe to fit any bathroom. Choose from spacious corner baths, elegant freestanding tubs, or practical rectangular models. With multiple sizes and designs, we have the perfect inset bath to turn your bathroom into a private oasis. Browse our selection and let an inset bath add luxury to your home today.

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    Beautifully Designed Acrylic Inset Bath Tubs Available in Australia

    Our inset bath tubs come in a range of shapes and sizes. With circular, rectangular, and oval shape options, you’ll find a bathtub that suits your style and existing bathroom decor. Choose from leading manufacturers such as Decina, Caroma and Bathe.

    Modern and stylish, our range of inset bathtubs can even come with built-in spa bath features - you may want to choose a deeper inset bath to take full advantage of this feature. Browse Design 10’s excellent selection of inset spa baths online today!


    Why Should I Buy an Inset Bath?

    If you have a smaller floor plan or know that kids will use your bathroom, an inset bath is a good choice. Inset baths are usually installed into a nook in your bathroom, and the edges that aren’t set against walls can be tiled to create a small ledge. Parents can use this ledge to sit on during bath time or provide extra storage space for bathroom products and accessories.  Alternatively, explore our extensive baths and spas catalogue to discover more tub options at Design 10 today. 

    What Materials Are Inset Baths Made From?

    At Design 10, you’ll find a selection of pressed metal or acrylic inset bath tubs. Each material has its own pros and cons - but all inset bath tubs rate high in their capacity to retain heat and their ability to be cleaned relatively easily. 

    These materials are also quite durable, making inset baths an ideal option for longevity and easy maintenance. 

    Once you’ve chosen your inset bath tub, you’ll want all the appropriate accessories. Shop the range of plugs, drains and waste collections on Design 10 today. 

    Explore our online store for our wide range of bathing options, including freestanding baths, stone baths, and spa baths.