Bath Spouts

Every element of your bathroom, big or small, plays a crucial part in a cohesive style which is why you should carefully consider your options when buying a bath spout. Not only do you want durability, but functionality and style are equally as important. The first thing you should think about is what style of bath spout will complement your bathroom. Opting for the same colour and finish as your taps is normally the preferred choice. You can have your choice of finishes, like matte black, gold, silver, or gunmetal.

124 products

    124 products

    Complete your bathroom aesthetic with a luxurious bath tap and spout set

    Whether you’re after a timeless, minimal bathroom tap or a traditionally styled one, we’ve got you covered in every area. Our bath spouts will pair well with your choice of diverter, bath or spa, hand towel holder, and anything else you need. Shop all your bathroom products with us to achieve your desired harmonious theme. 

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    At Design 10, we know the challenges of finding high-quality, affordable, and stylish bathroom products, but when you shop with us, no matter your budget, you can get the functionality and style you’re after. Count on us for high-quality tapware, basin mixers, basin sets, bath sets, bath spouts, diverters, wall mixers, and more. 

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    What brands do we sell?

    Design 10 stocks of bath spouts are from ACL, Caroma, Fienza, Greens, Modern National, NeroPhoenix, and more

    What should I look for when buying bath spouts?

    When searching for a bath spout, consider the size, length, height, your home’s water pressure system and whether you would prefer a wall-mounted, top-mounted or freestanding design. Choose a tap that extends as far as the drain hole so it can comfortably reach your bathtub without allowing water to splash outside excessively. If you have a tight bathroom space, go for a compact, lower spout. Alternatively, a higher spout offers more convenience when washing if you have a spacious bathroom. Before purchasing your bath spout, check whether you have a low-pressure or high-pressure water system, as you want your tap to perform well with it. 

    How much does a bath tap or spout cost?

    A bath spout will usually cost anywhere between $55 and $1250.