Heated Towel Rails

Transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of warmth with our heated towel rails. Choose from sleek heated towel ladders, classic heated towel rails, or traditional non-heated options. With top brands like Avenir, Thermogroup, and Radiant, finding the perfect match for your bathroom's style is effortless. Our selection is designed to offer both comfort and elegance. Don't miss the chance to enhance your space; browse our collection today and add that extra touch of comfort and sophistication to your daily routine.

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    The benefits of heated towel rails

    A great accessory to start and finish your day with a relaxing feel, heated towel rails provide comfort and convenience with minimal effort. Hang your towel on the rail, and the heat generated by the rails will ensure that your towels stay warm. Step out of the shower to the comfort of a toasty warm towel! In addition to warming up your towels, a heated towel rail is also helpful in keeping your bathroom warm, making it a cost-effective solution for winter months.

    Shop online for quality heated towel rails in Australia 

    Trust Design 10 to provide you with convenient solutions that improve your lifestyle at affordable prices. A must-have item for any home, a heated towel rail dries off your towels more efficiently and makes a stylish addition to your bathroom. From freestanding to wall-mounted, we offer a wide range of heated towel rails in different sizes and styles. Don’t hesitate to browse our extensive catalogue and discover regular towel rails in various models (including double, freestanding and ladder towel rails) and different bathroom accessories such as robe hooks, shelves (in the corner, floating, glass and wooden styles) and bathroom caddies


    Are heated towel rails worth the investment?

    Yes! Not only do heated towel rails warm your towels quickly and efficiently, but they also make an ideal solution for improving your bathroom’s heating efficiency. Heated towel rails are especially helpful if you have a damp or cold bathroom. 

    Do heated towel rails consume a lot of energy?

    Compared to most heating appliances, heated towel rails consume very little energy. The power consumption of your heated towel rail will most likely depend on your chosen temperature setting and how frequently you use it. 

    Can you leave a heated towel rail on all the time?

    Most heated towel rails can be left on all the time, which is especially useful during winter. Heated towel rails are energy efficient, but you can still switch them off when your towels are warm enough or when the bathroom isn’t in use at night.