Spa Baths

A luxurious addition to any bathroom, our spa baths will provide you with an exclusive spa experience from the comfort of your home. Our spa baths are equipped with various features and fittings designed to relieve stress and tension from your body. A must-have for those with a busy lifestyle, spa baths are the ideal solution to end your night with a satisfying routine. At Design 10, we offer a range of spa baths in different shapes and sizes from the leading brand Decina.

12 products

    12 products

    Choosing the right spa bathtub for your bathroom

    Our range of spa baths are manufactured in various shapes and sizes with sleek and modern designs to suit different preferences. Whichever spa bath you choose, rest assured that our spa bath will fit seamlessly into your bathroom. 

    You may need to decide whether a corner spa bath or a freestanding tub suits your existing space. A corner spa bath fits into a dedicated corner in your bathroom and takes up less space on your bathroom floor. For this reason, corner spa baths are ideal for those who want to make their bathrooms feel more spacious. Freestanding baths can be placed anywhere in the room, but they take up more space than corner tubs.

    Shop online for quality spa baths in Australia 

    Trust Design 10 as your best destination for high-quality bathroom accessories, fixtures and fittings in Australia. Please browse our extensive range of baths and spas and discover bathtubs in various models and sizes, including inset baths, freestanding baths, stone baths and more. 


    Are spa baths worth the investment?

    Yes! Spa baths are a great way to experience a spa treatment from the convenience of your home. They help you soothe your muscles, de-stress your mind and refresh your skin when used with products such as bath salts. Although you must spend a lot on spa baths, the benefits you gain are worth the value.

    What are the benefits of spa baths?

    Spa baths provide a warm and calming environment that helps you relax and unwind, especially after a long day at work. The warm water and pressure from the jets may ease stiff muscles, relieve pain, and improve blood circulation. You can also massage your feet and hands while soaking in the tub to help stimulate your blood flow. 

    How do you clean a spa bath?

    Our spa baths are relatively easy to clean and maintain because of the acrylic materials they're made with. You can use a soft cloth or sponge to wipe the tub's walls, floor and ceiling. Next, you can use a stronger cleaning product and a scrubbing brush to remove the remaining soap scum and dirt. Finally, rinse your tub with clear water until it runs clean.