Towel Rails, Racks & Holders

Towel rails are an essential tool for any functional bathroom. With the choice of heated rails and more minimalistic rings and rails, Design 10 has the right towel rail for your needs. For those that want to add some class and luxury to their bathroom and morning routine, we have a range of heated towel rails to help transform your potentially cold and damp bathroom into one that is comfortable and convenient.

434 products

    434 products

    How a Towel Rail Can Change Your Morning Routine

    A bathroom is where we complete all of our essential and personal grooming. As this grooming is completed for most people daily, ensuring this process goes smoothly and enjoyably is vital. A towel rail provides a clean and permanent place to live, keeping your towel off your bathroom's dirty and wet floor.

    If you want to add some class to your home, a heated towel rail can transform your morning routine into a warm and cozy one that's even more enjoyable. For those that want to create a functional space, you may only want a secure and high-quality towel rail to hang your towel; we have what you need. At Design 10, we stock a range of towel racks, including;


    What Brands Do You Stock? 

    At Design 10, we stock a wide range of towel rails from household brands such as; Brodware, Greens, ACL, Phoenix and Fienza.

    What Price are Towel Rails in Australia? 

    Our selection of towel rails starts from $15 and extends to just under $2,000. This includes singular rings and heated towel rails.

    Can My Heated Towel Rail Stay on All the Time? 

    Heated towel rails can be left on continuously and work similarly to radiators. Although most heated towel rails are electric, they will create a safer usage limit and will also be able to heat quality after being turned on and off.

    Does Design 10 Stock Other Bathroom Products and Accessories?

    Yes! Visit our showroom or browse online to find a selection of bathroom accessories, including towel rails, robe hooks, shelves, shower bathroom caddies and various bathroom shelves such as; corner shelves, wooden, glass and floating shelves.