Bathroom Basins

Transform your mornings with our luxurious bathroom basins. Choose from elegant Above Counter Basins, comprehensive Wall Mixer Sets with faucets and drains, or standalone Basins in oval and rectangular shapes. Showcasing top brands like Fienza, Nood Co, and Nero Tapware, our collection marries sophistication with performance. Design your dream bathroom oasis with us today.

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    Transform your bathroom with a designer bathroom basin 

    Every home and bathroom has different needs, so variety is so important when shopping for your renovation or new build. We have so many basin options on offer. You can choose from different: 



    We have every size of basin you could ever need. For a smaller bathroom, you might want to choose from these popular size options: 

    • 450x150mm (rectangular shape)
    • 420x250mm (square shape)
    • 420x420mm (round shape)

    If you have a spacious bathroom and would like a larger basin, take your pick from these popular sizes:

    • 600x350mm (oval shape)
    • 600x400mm (round basin with an additional counter area)
    • 845x575mm (rectangular shape)
    • 500x320mm (rectangular shape)
    • 600x380mm (irregular shape)

    Please browse through all our basins to see what suits you! 



    • Ceramic 
    • Stone 
    • Bamboo
    • Concrete
    • Stainless steel 

    From these options, you can select a basin that will complement the aesthetic of your bathroom and provide the functionality you need in your home. Browse Design 10’s selection of bathroom fixtures and accessories you need, such as basin sets, basin mixers and taps, and more. 

    Shop with Design 10 for bathroom basins in Australia 

    At Design 10, we understand the challenges of shopping for a bathroom renovation, so we offer a wide range of high-quality, aesthetic bathroom basins at affordable prices. Whatever you need to create your perfect bathroom, you’re bound to find it when you shop with us. If you’re searching for a small bathroom basin, don’t forget to check out the rest of our range. 

    If you need assistance choosing a bathroom sink basin, contact our friendly team, and we will be happy to help you with further information or advice. 


    What styles, sizes, and colours of bathroom vanity basins can I choose? 

    There is a huge selection for you to browse when you shop with Design 10 for a hand-washing basin. You can choose from traditional style inset, above-the-counter, pedestal, semi-recessed or under-mount basin styles. In terms of colours, you can find basins in white, black, cream, pink, grey, green, metallic and more. We also offer various sizes to suit any bathroom space. 

    What should I look for in a hand basin for my bathroom?

    When shopping for the perfect bathroom basin, style, function, and size are the most important things to consider. Choose a basin that will suit your bathroom style, whether that is a traditional or modern look or something classic. Shape and size are the other factors to consider. Depending on the size and width of your vanity counter, you will want an appropriately sized basin that is easy to reach for whoever is using it and will suit your choice of tap or spout. 

    What is a good size for a bathroom basin? 

    There is no right or wrong when choosing the size of your bathroom vanity basin. However, you will want to consider the following:

    • How much space is available on your vanity counter 
    • Available space in your bathroom 
    • Whether you want a single or double basin 
    • Whether you will just be using it for washing your face and hands only or for other things