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Refresh your bathroom with a stylish wall-mounted mixer tap. Choose from various sleek designs to match your décor, including wall mixer sets, individual wall mixers, and simple wall-mounted taps. Top brands like Fienza, Nero Tapware, and Millenium offer durable constructions and modern aesthetics. Browse our collection to find the perfect fixture to upgrade your bathroom. Act now to get free shipping on select models.

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    Stylish, durable wall mixer taps 

    Design 10 is proud to offer a huge variety of wall-mounted mixer taps. Browse our various colours and styles to create a bathroom that reflects your taste. Choose mixer taps in various colours and finishes, including rose gold, matte black, chrome, nickel, brass, and more. If you like a provincial-style bathroom or a unique modern look, we have that and everything in between.

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    Design 10 is Australia’s best destination to shop at for your bathroom renovations. Offering premium quality products, beautiful designs, and affordable prices, you can achieve any bathroom look with our products. You can also look to us for your bath sets, basin mixer, basin set, wall mixer, or bath spout

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    What is a wall-mounted mixer tap?

    A wall-mounted mixer tap is a single-handle tap that mixes hot and cold water. It is attached to the wall instead of the top of the basin or bath. It offers a more minimalist look and frees up room on your vanity or bath top.

    Why are wall-mounted mixer taps so popular?  

    One of the main reasons people choose a wall-mounted mixer tap is because, compared to top-mounted taps, it frees up more space above your basin, bath and vanity. It can offer a more modern, spacious and minimal aesthetic that is perfect for creating a luxury vibe or designing a small bathroom. 

    Why should I choose a wall-mounted mixer tap?

    As mentioned above, a wall-mounted mixer tap gives you a more spacious bathroom feel, makes it easier to clean, and looks modern and timeless.