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The ultimate source of luxury and relaxation, a bathtub is designed to rejuvenate your body after a long day at work. A bathtub provides the opportunity to complete your downtime routine, and add a sophisticated look to your bathroom interior. Browse our excellent range of bathtubs in various styles, designs, and finishes below, manufactured by popular brands such as Victoria & Albert, Decina, Fienza, and more.

116 products

    116 products

    Explore a Broad Range of Bathtubs in Different Styles at Design 10

    With an extensive range of bathtub styles in our catalogue, you can discover a bathtub best suited for your existing bathroom interior. If you have a smaller bathroom space, an inset bathtub is ideal for a shower and bath in one room. If you can dedicate more space for a bathtub in your bathroom, a freestanding bathtub makes a striking centrepiece in your bathroom. From classic Victorian freestanding baths with clawfoot legs to contemporary-looking stone tubs, we offer the best solution to create the bathroom of your dreams. 

    Enhance Your Bathroom Experience With a Spa Bath

    Our spa baths are the perfect option for anyone looking to enjoy a satisfying spa experience from the comfort of their home. Built with innovative and user-friendly technology, you can customise your bathing experience with a simple button click. Whether you prefer a gentle water massage or an energising pump jet, you can enjoy the positive impact of a spa bath on your health and well-being. 


    What Are the Health Benefits of Spa Baths?

    Spa baths provide numerous benefits that may boost your health and well-being. Known for its stress relieving and muscle relaxation purposes, soaking in a spa bath at night may improve your sleep quality and aid in pain relief. 

    What Brands of Spa Baths Are Available at Design 10? 

    At Design 10, we only stock bathroom fixtures, fittings, and accessories from trustworthy manufacturers in the industry. Regardless of your budget and style preference, you can choose various spa baths from Decina, Victoria & Albert and more

    How Much Does It Cost to Install a Spa Bath?

    The cost of your spa bath depends on the size, style, and other additional features. We offer a range of spa baths from $500 to $7,500. Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team if you need further information about the price of our spa baths.