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Practical Bathroom Drain Solutions Good drainage is a must in any bathroom. At Design 10, our waste collection includes a range of bathroom drain solutions available to suit any style and budget. Choose from a selection of top-of-the-range drains from brands such as Turner Hastings, Wasteland Plumbing Supplies and Ram.

179 products

    179 products

    Install a Bathroom Drain to Keep Your Bathroom Free of Puddles

    Drains come in many different shapes and sizes. Most commonly used in bathrooms are bathroom drains, and basket bathroom drains - you’ll find these and other styles in the Design 10 online store today. 

    Linear bathroom drains are square or rectangular, usually used in more modern bathroom designs. Our online store's range of linear drains is commonly made from stainless steel. Choose a grate-style drain or a linear drain with a tile insert for a more subtle option. The circular bathroom floor drains are usually found in traditionally designed homes - these can also be an open grate style. 


    What Should I Look for When Buying a Bathroom Drain?

    When looking for a bathroom drain, consider what you need it to do. Do you need something with an inbuilt plug? Do you need a drain that can fit a sink strainer to catch larger debris for a more effortless clean? For bathroom floor drains in particular, you’ll want to consider your drain's placement to ensure it is in a more practical spot. 

    What Materials Are Bathroom Drains Made Out Of?

    Materials used to make bathroom drains must be robust, durable and easy to clean - and the stock at Design 10 is no exception. Suited for baths, showers and basins, our range of bathroom drains, wastes and sink plugs are made from chrome, brass, stainless steel, and bronze, amongst other materials. 

    What Other Accessories Should I Consider When Buying a Bathroom Drain?

    Our bathroom sink plugs can go hand in hand with the different bathroom drains we have on offer. Make sure any plug you pick fits the bathroom drain before purchasing. You could also look at the other bathroom accessories we have at Design 10, such as bathroom caddies, towel rails, bottle traps for your basin and much more. Browse the full range online today.