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Toilet & Bidet Seats: Comfort, hygiene and style all in one place. Shop our wide range of Toilet Seats and Toilets from top brands like Fienza, Caroma and R.A.K. Explore heated seats, soft close lids, bidet functions and more. We have something to suit every bathroom. For a luxurious, spa-like experience every time you visit the bathroom, browse our collection of Toilet & Bidet Seats today.

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    Choosing the Right Toilet Seat for Your Bathroom 

    When it comes to choosing the right toilet seat, you have to take the model of your existing toilet bowl into consideration. For instance, if you own an elongated toilet bowl, a high-rise seat is the best-suited option for your bathroom. In addition, you can also factor in the size, colour, and material of the toilet seat. If you’re unsure how to decide on the best toilet seat for your bathroom, you can always contact our friendly team for further assistance. 

    Shop Online for High-Quality Toilet Seats in Australia

    Trust Design 10 is your best supplier of high-quality bathroom accessories, fixtures, and fittings in Australia. Browse our extensive online catalogue and discover different models of toilet suites, toilet roll holders, or toilet cisterns and spare parts for your plumbing needs. 


    Do Toilet Seats Fit All Toilet Bowls?

    Generally, a standard toilet seat will fit over a standard-sized toilet bowl. However, it’s always better to measure your toilet bowl and the toilet seat you plan to buy to ensure they fit each other. 

    What Types of Toilet Seats Are Available at Design 10?

    Ranging from elongated to round shapes, you can find a range of toilet seat models in our online catalogue. You can compare both models based on their comfort and accessibility and choose one that suits your needs the best. Regarding surface finishing, we offer toilet seats with wood, polypropylene, and plastic finishes. 

    How Much Do Toilet Seats Cost? 

    To suit different budgets, we offer a range of toilet seats that cost from $30 up to $800.