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Refresh and rejuvenate with our wide selection of shower rails. Discover Rail Shower, Showers, and Twin Showers. Brands include Nero Tapware, Greens, and Fienza. Choose the perfect rail to upgrade your shower and enjoy a more stylish and luxurious bathing experience. Browse now to find the right rail to match your bathroom decor.

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    Showers are one of the easiest ways to unwind and relax your body and mind after a long day. A shower rail is a sliding bar with a handheld shower head creating a more accessible showering experience. Because you can easily change the height and use it, they often are an ideal choice for households with different heights. A shower rail is one of the most important aspects that will tie your bathroom's interior styling. Not only will this help to create a match between your tapware and tiles, but you'll also enjoy a luxurious shower experience leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated.

    Trust us when we say there's nothing worse than jumping into your shower to find the shower head slipping down the rail and the pressure lacking. To prevent this, Design 10's collection of shower rails are made to the highest quality and will stand the test of time throughout ongoing and continuous use. Our products will effortlessly match your needs and style with a range of shower heads, hand showers, shower bases and a collection of shower screens.

    Find the Perfect Shower Screen for Your Bathroom Today

    Like your shower arm, a shower screen is another essential function of your shower. Design 10 offers a wide selection of shower screens that match your shower rail and keep your bathroom dry and safe. So whether you want to create a unique design or you need to find a shower screen for a small and awkward shower space, our range will have something for you. Shower screen designs include; 

    Create Your Dream Bathroom With Design 10

    Tapware and shower accessories are some of the smaller details that will help to create a cohesive and luxurious bathroom. We offer a selection of design variations, shapes, materials and sizes so you can find the perfect finishing touch for your space. With shower rails from popular brands such as Caroma, Phoenix and Greens, our collection will stand the test of time and look visually stunning. To find the finishing details needed to complete your bathroom look or upgrade your shower rail, visit us online or in our showroom today.


    What is a shower rail?

    A shower rail is a sliding bar usually consisting of a handheld shower head attached to the rail. The height can be adjusted, and the shower head can be removed for a body wash.

    How much does a shower rail cost? 

    At Design 10, our collection of shower rail sets ranges from just under $200 to just over $1,200.

    What should I look for when buying a shower rail? 

    One thing you should always check when buying a shower rail is whether it’s rust-resistant. If you plan to buy a chrome or matt rail, always ensure its resistance when/if the coating wears off.