Oval Bathroom Mirrors

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    Oval Mirrors; The Perfect Choice For Any Bathroom

    At Design 10, we've selected the highest quality mirrors so that you can enjoy them for years. Whether you're putting them in your master bathroom, guest bath, or powder room, they'll look gorgeous no matter where you put them - and they'll remain clear and bright!

    Regarding home decor, we understand that the right pieces can make the perfect statement about your personality. That's why we specialise in curating beautiful pieces that work seamlessly with various styles. Whether you have a penchant for large mirrors, arched shapes, or a functional mirror cabinet option, we’ll have something to suit you.

    Find The Perfect Oval Bathroom Mirror Today

    Oval bathroom mirrors are always in style. They're beautiful, high quality, and last you a long time. They're also great for reflecting light around your bathroom so that it feels bright and spacious. The oval shape helps with this by creating a more open space.

    We love oval bathroom mirrors because they're an easy way to update your decor without worrying about new furniture or fixtures. You can find them at various price points, too, to enjoy a luxury feel regardless of your budget.

    Discover our selection of bathroom mirrors today; from rectangular bathroom mirrors to round ones, makeup mirrors to shaving cabinets, we have plenty for you to choose from!


    Why would a mirror not be suitable for a bathroom?

    Bathrooms are, by nature, humid spaces, which means some humidity can damage a mirror that is not moisture-resistant. Sometimes, this damages the frame or the appearance of black spots.

    What shape is best for a bathroom mirror?

    Regarding bathroom mirrors, softened curves and rounded styles tend to be the most visually pleasing, thanks to their organic design. They also allow for light to flow through the room more naturally and reduce the number of harsh lines in the bathroom's overall design.

    How many mirrors should I have in my bathroom?

    Generally speaking, a maximum of two mirrors is ample in a bathroom. Avoid having mirrors that reflect into each other, as this makes for a less relaxing feel and can be disorienting for guests. If you have two sinks in your bathroom, you may want to consider one larger mirror that covers the span of the basin.