Shower & Bathroom Caddies

Find a Shower Caddy to Suit Any Bathroom in Australia A stylish and essential addition to any bathroom, shower and bath caddies are a great way to keep clutter out of your way and ensure your bathroom stays organised. With a range of styles and materials available, choosing a shower caddy or bath caddy at Design 10 is easy.

41 products

    41 products

    Choose a bath caddy that will keep your books, snacks and beverages above water level or one that will easily hang on your bathroom wall. Find bathroom caddies from popular manufacturers like Fienza, Millennium and Better Living Products online today. 

    Maximise Space With a Shower Caddy

    If your bathroom wasn’t built for storage, using a shower caddy is an easy way to increase your available space. Installing a shower caddy in the bathroom removes your products from the floor. Shower and bath caddies aren’t just for the shower or bath. Hang your shower caddy on one of our robe hooks, on the end of a towel rail, or over your shower screen - you’ve now got a spot to pop any cleaning or bathroom accessories out of the way. 

    Shop Design 10 for a range of Bathroom Accessories Available in Australia

    As well as our range of shower and bath caddies, Design 10 stocks a variety of other bathroom accessories. Shop towel rails (freestanding, heated, ladder and double towel rails available), robe hooks, shelves and much more!


    Why Should I Buy a Shower or Bath Caddy?

    The biggest reason for putting a caddy in your bathroom is the storage options they provide. If you have a bathroom on the smaller side, a shower or bath caddy can make all the difference in keeping clutter at bay. 

    Some of our bath caddies are adjustable, meaning you can still use it if you upgrade to a larger bath. Many options have built-in drainage, so you don’t have to worry about overflowing bath and shower caddies! 

    What Styles of Shower or Bath Caddy Can I Choose From?

    At Design 10, we also offer permanently attached and removable caddies. Our removable caddies can be suctioned to a tiled wall, hung upon the shower door or around the shower spout. If you want to hold more items in the bathroom, you can choose a caddy with double shelves or hooks. 

    Our caddies are made with timber, plastic and aluminium - rest assured that you can find something to match the style of your existing shower and bath.