Oval Bathroom Basins

Bring elegance to your bathroom with oval bathroom basins, which offer a unique curved shape for a sophisticated look. Choose from Above Counter Basins, Undermount Basins, or Inset Basins styles from leading brands like Caroma, Fienza, and Turner Hastings. Browse our wide selection of oval basins to find the perfect fit and focal point for your bathroom remodel or refresh.

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    Stylish oval bathroom basins for your interior

    With their organic shapes and rounded edges, oval basins can help improve your bathroom’s overall appearance. Available in the above counter, inset and undermount options, these basins will fit almost any bathroom design. And, with no corners, there’s no chance for dirt to get trapped - making it easier to clean and maintain.

    A wise choice for many bathroom renovations or builds, pair your oval basin with a stylish hand towel holder, wall-hung mirror, and compatible basin mixer and tap.

    Renovate or build with Design 10 today

    Whether renovating or building a home bathroom, en-suite or commercial fit-out, choose Design 10 for all your bathroom needs. We supply durable, functional and beautiful basins to Australians everywhere - and at competitive prices. Explore our collection online or visit your nearest showroom for oval, small, round bathroom basins.


    Are oval basins popular?

    If you’re looking for a basin with a deep sink that provides excellent water depth and prevents water from splashing all over your counter, then an oval bathroom basin is ideal. With a look that resembles a classic washbasin, oval shapes can help bring a more cosy feel to your space.

    Are oval bathroom basins outdated?

    Not at all! Oval basins are seen as a classic style that is timeless in design. Due to their small size, they are perfect for small bathrooms, en-suites, commercial fit-outs, or anywhere you want to bring a sleek look and feel to your space.

    What shape of bathroom sink is best?

    This will depend on how much space you have in your bathroom and the aesthetics you are trying to achieve. If you have limited countertop space and love the classic look, you may wish to invest in an oval bathroom basin. If you are installing a bathtub, you might want to choose a design that matches it for a coordinated look.