Bathroom Mirrors

Walking into a bathroom with a small palm-sized mirror, or worse, none at all brings a sense of unease to most people. Yet, the average person can spend up to two hours a day looking at their appearance in reflective surfaces, which should outline how important a mirror is to your bathroom. A mirror isn’t just a practical element of your bathroom, making it easier to put on makeup and check your appearance. It can also become a focal or statement piece in your bathroom, creating a sense of more space. To find the perfect mirror to fit your needs and unique taste, visit our showroom or continue browsing online.

73 products

    73 products

    Find All Bathroom Mirror Styles With Design 10

    At Design 10, we understand that one mirror will not fit all. From different bathroom dimensions to various interior styles and needs, we have provided an extensive range of bathroom mirrors, including make-up mirrors and shaving cabinets, to meet all your expectations. We stock bathroom mirrors from reputable brands such as Forme, Fienza and Marquis in a range of styles, including;

    We also have a vast collection of shaving cabinets with various designs, including;


    What Type of Mirror is Best for the Bathroom?

    The answer depends on your needs. If you rely on your mirror for makeup application and hair styling, then a bigger bathroom mirror with additional lighting could be the best option for you. At Design 10, we have a range of round, statement, edge mirrors and more to suit your needs and unique style.

    What's the Difference Between Regular Mirrors and Bathroom Mirrors?

    While regular mirrors can be used in bathrooms, specifically made bathroom mirrors are better suited to the room's conditions. Therefore, bathroom mirrors can withstand excessive amounts of steam and condensation every day, with some bathroom mirrors even being designed to clear quicker without streaks.

    How Much Do Bathroom Mirrors Cost?

    Our range of mirrors starts from as low as $40 and extends to $900.