Cistern Parts

Cistern parts are essential to any bathroom. That’s why weve developed a product line that offers quality parts for your W/C, so you never have to worry about being inconvenienced. Discover quality, dependable spare parts with Design 10 now. If you're looking for a way to bolster your bathroom’s systems, then updating your cistern parts is a great place to start. Designed to carefully fit into your toilet’s mechanism, they can also be used to add a touch of modernity to your toilet’s external features. Choose the best in spare parts for your lavatory and elevate your powder room.

14 products

    14 products

    Toilet Cistern Parts: A Necessity For Your Bathroom

    Look no further if you're looking for a high-quality, affordable cistern part. We have everything you need to keep your bathroom running smoothly and beautifully.

    We know that every bathroom is different. That's why we offer a wide range of products for cisterns - from the simplest parts to more complex systems. Our spare parts are made from durable materials that will last for years of use, so you can rest easy knowing that your cistern will be in good shape when it comes time to replace them. And if you're worried about what kind of cistern parts are best for your bathroom, our experts are here to help! Call us at 02 6652 9322 to find out what parts work best with your style and budget.

    From Cisterns to Sinks, Discover Quality Spares For Your Bathroom

    Bathrooms are an integral part of a functioning home, and ensuring they run smoothly and efficiently is paramount to your health and hygiene. At Design 10, we provide a range of parts to help keep your home working as it should. You can find everything you want with us, from bathroom sink parts to shower spares.


    Can you replace the cistern on the toilet?

    You don’t always need to replace a toilet’s cistern; sometimes, replacing the individual parts of your toilet’s system can be done gradually. This will help you reduce costs and avoid splurging on an entirely new cistern.

    Are toilet parts interchangeable?

    Unfortunately, toilet parts are not interchangeable, and you will need to identify your unit's brand and model number before changing any internal features of the lavatory. It is best to consult with a plumber before undertaking any major work on your toilet, as you may risk causing damage to it.

    When should I replace my toilet fill valve?

    If you’re experiencing a continuous flow of water or your cistern is making screeching and grinding sounds, this is a sign that your toilet’s fill valve requires replacement.