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    Choose Design 10 for Reliable Bathroom Drains & Grates in Australia

    Made from high quality stainless steel to provide maximum durability and functionality, you can rely on our linear-shaped grates to remove waste from around the floor and reduce mould from excess moisture in your bathroom. We offer a wide selection of grates to suit different types of bathrooms - choose a grate with a metal finish that suits your existing bathroom interior the best. In addition to a bathroom grate, you can browse our online catalogue and discover a basket waste, bottle trap, or plug and waste that is best suited to maintain the cleanliness of your bathroom sink and floor. 


    How Do You Clean Bathroom Grates?

    Compared to other models of grates, linear grates take a longer time to become clogged due to their larger surface area. Thus, linear grates make an ideal option for those with busy schedules as they need less frequent cleaning. However, cleaning your grate is a relatively simple process. You just need to remove the grate and use a brush or cloth to wipe off any remaining dirt, debris, or stains on the surface. 

    How Do You Install a Bathroom Grate?

    Generally, you don’t need a lot of tools to install your new grate on the bathroom floor. At most, you may need a screwdriver to make the process easier. If you ever feel unsure, you can always get in touch with our friendly team for further assistance with our products. 

    How Much Do Bathroom Grates Cost?

    Depending on the material and size, our range of linear bathroom grates costs anywhere from $60 to $1,300.