Stone Baths

Indulge in a spa-like stone bathing experience with our elegant stone baths. Choose from freestanding oven baths or soak your stresses away in our luxurious freestanding bath options. Explore top brands like Pietra Biance for handcrafted Italian stone baths, Fienza for modern minimalist designs, and Gareth Ashton for intricate stone carving work. With a range of styles and sizes, we have the perfect stone bath to transform your bathroom into a relaxing oasis. Come discover your new favorite way to unwind today.

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    Simple Design, Endless Opportunities With Stone Baths in Australia

    When choosing the right stone bath for your home, consider the existing bathroom style and who will use it. Our stone tubs come in various shapes, sizes and colours - choose freestanding round tubs in matte white or an egg-shaped bath in charcoal stone. It is simple and easy to pick a stone bath that perfectly suits your taste and budget with the range available at Design 10.

    If a relaxing soak in a bathtub is what you need, Design 10 has you covered - and not just with stone baths either. Explore our broad range of spa baths and discover traditional, inset bathtubs and freestanding baths in various styles available. Trust Design 10 for high-quality stone baths in Australia. 


    What Are the Benefits of a Stone Bathtub?

    Stone can retain heat much better than other materials used to make baths. The stone's thickness keeps the water's temperature in your tub warmer for longer. Stone is also incredibly robust and practical, and it holds up well against heat, moisture and steam (all common elements in a bathroom!) Stone tubs are also quite durable and fare better against wear and tear - scuffs or scratches can usually be polished away. 

    What Styles of Stone Bath Are Available?

    You’ll find stone baths of various types and sizes at Design 10. The most common shape for a stone bath is oval, with deep sides that allow you to sink low into the tub for the ultimate full-body soak. Those with families might consider a circular design, which will allow any little ones plenty of space to play. All our designs are available in various colours, stones and textures - browse our online catalogue to find your perfect match. 

    How Much Will a Stone Bath Cost?

    Visit our online store to see stone bathtubs at various price points. Be prepared to spend between $3,300 to $10,000 - but remember that you’re paying for high-quality style and materials to create a truly luxurious bathing experience.