Robe Hooks

A small but essential addition to any bathroom, robe hooks are another chance for you to assert your style. Design 10 stocks a range of quality bathroom robe hooks in a variety of materials.

140 products

    140 products

    Well-Made Bath Robe Hooks for Your Bathroom

    Bathrobe hooks are the ultimate space saver and decluttering solution for your bathroom. Depending on the kind of hook that you choose to hang, you can also use them to decorate your bathroom. Our hooks are made from durable materials, designed in various styles, and created for easy installation in any bathroom.  

    Bathroom Robe Hooks to Suit Any Style

    Online you will find bathroom robe hooks in various colours and finishes - gold, black, chrome, stainless steel, copper, bronze and much more. The range of colours and styles means you can find a hook to suit any bathroom - whether you’re matching an existing style or planning a new one. 

    While browsing our bathrobe hooks, look at other fittings in our bathroom accessories range - you’ll easily match your robe hook to one of the styles. Upgrade your shower caddies, your towel rails (including heated options, freestanding rails, ladder towel rails and double towel rails!) and your bathroom shelves for a fresh new-look bathroom today. Bathroom shelves are available online in a variety of styles. Choose from glass shelves, wood shelves and corner shelves.


    What Are the Benefits of Installing a Bath Robe Hook?

    Some bathroom robe hooks can also be used to hang other bathroom essentials. Use them to hang a shower caddy, small appliances like a hair dryer or cleaning items. Browse the Design 10 bathrobe hooks online to see what is available, with hooks from manufacturers like Brodware, Phoenix and Fienza.

    How Do I Attach My Bathroom Robe Hook?

    These robe hooks are designed to withstand regular use in your bathroom. Most will be mounted with screws (sometimes included in the purchase) and are sometimes specifically made for tiles or masonry. Always check the product information before buying to ensure your bathroom has the correct surface for a particular style of robe hook. Permanently attached bathroom robe hooks mean you won’t have to worry about steam and moisture affecting the glue strength - save your robe from ending up on the floor! 

    What Styles Are Robe Hooks Available In?

    Our hooks come in various sizes and styles - keep it subtle or make a statement with your robe hooks. If you’ve got a couple of people using the bathroom, check out our double robe hooks to fit two robes on one, or use a robe hook to hang shower caddies to save space. You’ll find square, round, modern and vintage style hooks online, made from chrome and stainless steel materials and finishes that include brushed gold or copper. No matter your budget, you’ll be able to find affordable robe hooks that align with your bathroom style. Rest assured that all robe hooks at Design 10 are made to last.