Shower Arms & Connectors

You'll need a reliable shower arm if you've decided to fit your shower with a relaxing and luxurious rain shower head or any other hanging shower head. A shower arm is the connection between your shower's water connection and is therefore essential for a functional shower. As your shower arm is completely visible, it's vital that you find a model that will match the high quality of your other finishes. Luckily Design 10 offers a wide range to choose from, including shower arms, shower heads, shower rails, hand showers, shower bases and a collection of shower screens. Our products will effortlessly match your needs and style for a comprehensive look.

102 products

    102 products

    High-End Shower Arms to Complete Your Shower. 

    Shower arms are much more than pipes that bring running water into your shower head. They also add to the visual appearance of your bathroom's interior. Design 10 offers a wide selection of shower arms from popular brands such as Fienza, Phoenix and Con-Serv. Our shower arms designs include;

    • Modern matte shower arms in black.
    • English-inspired gooseneck and extended designs.
    • Various slimline chrome and gold-dusted shower arms.

    Finish Your Bathrooms Design With the Perfect Shower Screen 

    Like your shower arm, a shower screen is another essential function of your shower. At Design 10, we offer a wide selection of shower screens that will match the details and style of your shower while keeping your bathroom dry and safe. So whether you want to create a unique design or you need to find a shower screen for a small and awkward shower space, our range will have something for you. Shower screen designs include;


    Are there different types of shower arms?

    Shower arms come in three common designs – standard, straight and gooseneck shower arms. Straight shower arms are ideal for mounting rainfall showerheads. Gooseneck shower arms are suitable for raising the height of a showerhead.

    Are Shower Arms interchangeable? 

    Most shower heads will have the same connection across Australia, making changing your shower arm easy. As long as you have the shower arm plumbing from your wall or ceiling, you can easily change your shower arm as you see fit.

    How to Measure a Shower Arm?

    You need to measure the size of your shower arm, including its diameter and how far it sticks out from the wall. You’ll then need to measure the distance from your shower arm to the ceiling before finally measuring the length, width and height of your shower stall or screen.