Small Bathroom Basins

Do you have a small bathroom, ensuite or commercial fit-out where you need a small basin for hand washing? We’ve got everything you need without compromising on precious space. At Design 10, we offer a range of small bathroom basins from renowned brands like Abey, Argent, and Eight Quarters. Equally functional and beautiful, our basins are designed to provide you with innovative designs for apartment living or small bathroom needs. Find above counter basins, pedestal basins and semi-recessed basins right here that are sure to accommodate your space requirements without compromising on quality or price. Browse our range of small bathroom basins below!

12 products

    12 products

    Choosing your small bathroom basin

    Most round bathroom sinks measure 40 to 50 centimetres in diameter, while rectangular bathroom sinks stretch from 48 to 60cm. However, a small bathroom basin is a great solution if you lack space. Look for designs that are 38 to 48 centimetres in length.

    Don’t forget to choose matching basin tapware, soap dishes and shelves to create a cohesive look. With minimal bench space, getting your fixtures and furnishings right is important!

    Shop with confidence at Design 10

    With a selection of round bathroom basins, oval bathroom basins and undermount basins, you are spoilt for choice when renovating or building your dream bathroom. Visit us at your nearest showroom for expert interior design advice, or shop online and enjoy fast delivery wherever you are in Australia.


    How much does a small bathroom basin cost?

    Depending on the type, quality, and material used, you could be looking at anywhere from $230-$1370 for a small bathroom basin. This price excludes professional installation by a qualified plumber and plumbing supplies.

    What is the best shape for a small bathroom basin?

    The oval basin remains one of the most popular choices for a bathroom sink due to its classic and stylish look. Prefer a more modern feel? You’ll enjoy a round, square or rectangle-shaped style. 

    What colours can a small bathroom basin come in?

    You can find small vanity basins in various colours, such as gloss white, matte black, ivory, grey, navy or just about any colour that matches your bathroom’s aesthetics.